Monday, April 28, 2008

Sibling Photo Shoot

I was trying to take a picture of the boys today so that I could order some announcements but I had the hardest time getting a good shot of both of them. This picture is hilarious because this is the way Memphis looks when he hears Merrick or knows that Merrick is close by. Merrick is always kissing, grabbing or smothering Memphis that I think whenever he senses Merrick he just goes into this "save me" mode and starts crying until I get him away from his big brother. Poor guy, let's see if that's how things will be when he gets older.

Memphis will turn 1 month tomorrow, can you believe it?

See what I mean! Merrick is just so curious of this little creature (who has some rather large lungs by the way) that he loves to poke and prod just to see what kind of reaction will come from him.

I really like this one. You can't see their faces very much but I think it turned out super cute.

This is also one of my favorites. He is just too cute in this picture that I might just have to use it somehow.

Memphis Michael Donovan 1 month old already. Yikes!


Living The Life..... said...

HOW CUTE!!! He looks so Healthy! I like the one of Merrick looking at Memphis too. That is so funny that Memphis is like, "HELP.. I hear HIM!" ha..ha. ahhh, kids...

A Boy and 3 Girls said...

The boys are tooooo cute! Memphis looks big. Merrick watch out!! I love the pic of the boys looking at one another! Too cute! Memphis does not look like he's only a month old. He looks so alert.
Can't wait to meet him.

Danielle Hatch said...

i can't believe he's 1 month already! that first pic is awesome, it totally made me laugh :) can't wait to see you gals in a few weeks!

Trisha said...

Wow, he's one month already. He it getting so big. That is so cute that Merrick likes to be with his little brother so much. It's funny because kids don't understand to be soft. They think they are being soft, while smothering the little baby. It's good to see another post.

Aaron & Winona Ready said...

Super cute... so glad to see the M-boys doing great. Keep up the fabulous work!!!!