Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'll do ANYTHING to get the house cleaned

MERRICK + SHAVING CREAM + BATHTUB= SANITY (and a little house cleaning time)

Merrick loves getting messy and I love cleaning contained areas of messiness so in all reality it's a win-win in my book.

I got the shaving cream at the 99 cent store and I want to say that it's probably the best dollar I've ever spent on anything.

The face of a successful activity.

If anyone tries this let me know how it goes in your bathtub.


Cheryl said...

Oh man Patty! I can't believe how these pics make me laugh! And he didn't even get it in his eyes! Wow. It reminds me of an insident of Merrick, a bath tub and a tub of gel! :)

Living The Life..... said...

H-I-larious! I just started putting ava in our big bath tub with cold water and her swimsuit and tell her she is SWIMMING. ha..ha she likes it so far. It's too hot to go outside works for now.

A Boy and 3 Girls said...

Merrick is adorable! What a great idea! I'll have to stop by the .99 cent store and buy some for Ry. The bathtub is such a perfect place. I remember when she was Merricks age she used to do it outside and she would get filthy! This is perfect! Wash and go when she's done!

Cheryl said...

Patty, I need your address kay? :)

jenibug said...

Hope you had fun at Disneyland today and tomorrow too! Sorry we couldn't talk long on Sunday, I had "my kids" pulling on me to finish our sharing time! Hope we'll see you again soon.

T-Ray said...

Ha ha... that is so great. I love the pictures!