Sunday, August 31, 2008

Memphis' first ART experience

Look at these cute kids.

Merrick loves these finger paints. He loves to squeeze as much out as possible. On this particular day we used a apple half as our stamp.

And then I decided that the time had come for my little Memphis to have his very first art experience.

This is what he looked like while his hands were in the paint.

And this is what happened to his very first art project.


Cheryl said...

Patty I LOOve this! Hehe, i'm sure he'll be a master artist just like Merrick some day!

Living The Life..... said...

lol!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS SO FUNNY. and they are getting so big and even more cute!

DAVID & ELISSA said...

I can't believe how cute Memphis is! I mean I know he is super cute but that picture of you holding him and taking the picture he is just the most adorable baby!
He has just cute chubby cheeks! I can't wait to see him!