Thursday, September 18, 2008

Care Bears

Merrick has really been loving the Care Bears lately and one day we decided to give him a Care Bear symbol on his belly with face paints (he got Sunshine Bear's symbol). He loved being a Care Bear so much he wanted his little brother to be a Care Bear too. So I said he could draw brother's Care Bear symbol.
Here they are. Memphis was loving all the attention Merrick was giving him.

Merrick really gets into his drawings and of course Memphis needed every symbol Merrick could think of (all over his face and body).

Some spots were really ticklish so Memphis just cracked up.

Ahh, the finished product.

Merrick also made me a Care Bear symbol on my belly but we just won't go there.


supifam said...

LOL!! Too cute. I love care bears.

A Boy and 3 Girls said...

Memphis is such a good sport! So are you mom.

Cheryl said...

I loved the care bears growing up, so this is just fantastic!~ How much fun you guys get to have!

Danielle, Cameron and McKay Hatch said...

you're such a fun mom! i need to start making a list of all great stuff you do with your little guys so i'll remember when mac gets a little bigger