Friday, September 5, 2008

Tagged by my best bud Elissa

1. My Family ( Hubs, Bubs and Chubs)
2. My Mom and Dad ( I love them soo much)
3. Sean's Family ( They make my heart swell)

1. The feel of material in my mouth creeps me out
2. Not loving those around me enough
3. Losing my family before their time

1. Seeing Life through Merrick's eyes
2. A Homemade/ Handmade Christmas
3. Learning how to quilt

1. SouleMama Blog (Oh and is it ever an obsession, love her)
2. Rich Textiles from Vintage to Anthropologie
3. Old Quilts (Vintage and in antique shops)

Signs of Autumntide

1. I Really REALLY want to live on the East Coast ( but that's probably not random)
2. I just learned how to knit
3. I've started using cloth diapers on Memphis (Yeah, GO GREEN!)

Now I get to tag you- Es, Cheryl, Fawn, Trisha and Lolly


DAVID & ELISSA said...

so I read about a cute halloween art project for kids. Take white paint and put the childrens feet in it. Let them walk on black paper. And wahhhla ghosts. Put eyes and whatever else they want on their ghosts.
Also black paint on their hands and put on white paper and you have spiders! And decorate them also with eyes and what not. Then you cut them out and hang them up. I thought you would love to do this with merrick and memphis if you havn't already! But im going to try it with the boys I watch. I thought it would be really cute for them to take home an art project. Im trying to get them involved more but they still don't really like to do much. So we will see how it works!

Living The Life..... said...

oh, you just had to tag me...ha..ha i'll try to get to it...hope you are all great. and how do you like the cloth diapers?

jenibug said...

I just looked at SouleMama's site. It is so beautiful, I feel like I'm reading Real Simple magazine or something! I tripped out on her mosaic of summer, since I did one too. So weird! Hope you guys are doing well! When is the next time you are coming back for a visit?

Trisha said...

I wanted to let you know that I went to the Ventura County Office the day after I talked to you, and we were all approved, we just never received it in the mail. they gave me a list of doctors and I have an appointment with one on the 29th. Thanks for your help. Let us know when you'll be in Carp again so we can get together.

Trisha said...

I was wondering in the picture of the jars. Did you make them, and what is it in the jars?