Saturday, October 25, 2008

What Merrick's loving RIGHT now

He loves, loves these face paints my mom bought him a few weeks ago.
He especially loves the pictures that came with the face paints their his inspiration.

Look at him deciding what character to be next, the bunny or the butterfly and let me tell you h totally looks at the picture as he's drawing on his face to make sure he's doing it right. Oh I love him soo much.
Such focus and determination. Down below is his version of the butterfly.

Oh and he's also loving his new best friend, Christopher Ramirez. A super cute family just moved in next door to us from New Mexico and they have a little boy who's almost 2 that Merrick just adores. We hang out with them every day.

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River Nomads said...

That is the CUTEST patty!! I love that he gets so determined in the stuff he does. Good Job Merrick!