Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fill in the blanks

Here Merrick is feeding Memphis cereal puffs that have been tested through the stapler first. If they didn't get crushed to tiny little bits from the stapler then they passed the test and Merrick would slip them into Memphis mouth. Merrick thought of this all on his own and just for the record there were a lot of cereal puffs that did not pass the test. Now the real question is do I tell Sean about what happened to his stapler or do I wait until he tries stapling something and crumbs come seeping out along with the staples? Hmm.


DAVID & ELISSA said...

I say you just wait until sean needs to use the stapler! =)
So we come home in less then a month. Ahhhh I can't wait.

T-Ray said...

Patty! I miss you! I love looking at your blog. Your kids are too cute for words.