Monday, November 24, 2008

From the STUDIO

I've been staying busy with a few crafts around here especially with Christmas just around the corner and so here are a few of my favorites from the "Studio" for the boys.
Pirate stencils with acrylic paints.

I had to do matching shirts for the boys mostly because these colors turned out so well together.

Merrick kept moving so I could not get a good picture of his pirate pants that I sewed together out of some super cute pirate flannel fabric but they are both mine and Merrick's favorite pants.

Down below Merrick is showing off our first pirate ship shirt we made together. He choose the colors and I painted. He's becoming quite the artist.What love!


jenibug said...

Love those pants! I was trying to think of something "piratey" to write, but it didn't come to me! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

The Ramirez Trio said...

Cute shirt you did a great job, on both. Sorry we missed you this week. Have a wonder thanksgiving with the family.

Jo said...

You are so on the ball. Ok I am ready. When are we going to make shirts and pants?

Cheryl said...

Patty you do such fun things! I love your two boys! And Merrick is one lucky boy to have you as his mom! What cute pjs!