Saturday, May 17, 2008

For Sean's eyes only (HAHAHAHHA just kidding)

I was having a PRETTY day (a.k.a. good hair day) so I thought 'd send a picture to Sean to remind him of what I looked like (on a good day) but I had the worst time actually taking a picture of myself sooo needless to say this is the best I could do.
Hi Honey, I miss you! A lot! Here are your super cute boys. Merrick giving baby brother a kiss. They miss you too. A lot!
Okay... here YOUR son is dipping his beanie in the bird bath or should I say the dirty bird bath from our old house (do you remember how dirty this thing use to get?).
And now he's proceeding to put the dirty, bird bath dipped beanie back on his head. Like I said this is YOUR son.
Love you honey.
Good Luck on your last two finals.
Kiss some arse. :0)


Crazy Lifferths said...

You are beautiful and beautiful children. I am glad that Sean will get to join you for some vacation time soon!

jenibug said...

I don't think I've ever seen you on a bad hair day Patty! What does that look like? haha
I bet you guys can't wait to all be back together again!
Glad you like the beach pics, it's good to know that I'm not completely boring everyone! Have you checked out
It's really cool.

jenibug said...

Oops, I meant

courtni said...

you look fab! good luck with the finals, memphis looks just like I remember Merrick. CRAZY!! xo

Living The Life..... said...