Monday, May 12, 2008

We miss you Sean

These pictures are especially for Sean who is missing his boys right now. We left town last week to visit family, put on a baby shower, and to give Sean a chance to study for his finals. Although he needed the time to focus, study and SLEEP he still says he misses us very much. He's going to join us in one week exactly. We can't wait.
Here's Memphis LAUGHING! Can you believe it??? He's totally cracking up and we caught it on film.
This is what a lot of our other pictures look like as my mom tried and tried to get him to laugh. We have like ten pictures of him like this and one of him laughing but I tell ya it was all worth it for that priceless pic of him cracking up.
I love you, daddy. Love Bubs!
I love you, daddy! Love Chubs.

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A Boy and 3 Girls said...

The boys look so cute! Memphis really looks like Sean. The pics of Memphis smiling melts my heart. All I can say is it's not gas! For some kids maybe...others just love to smile even at that age.