Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Hands-On" Family

The other day, Sean's mom pointed out that every picture we take of Memphis he seems to be holding his hands. My mom compared him to Wall-E in the latest Disney movie, hilarious. Well, with all that being said and Memphis just turning 4 months I wanted to take a walk down memory lane of Memphis and those infamous hands of his. Up above is the day we brought him home from the hospital. He was born on a Friday and probably started holding his hands from day 1 or even in my womb but this is the first documented evidence I have of him holding his hands. We got home on a Sunday so this picture is of him at 3 days old.

Here he is around the 21/2 month stage. They really are his best friends.

Here he is at 3 months trying to change it up with a toy. He doesn't mind an accessories now and then but I think he still prefers the simplicity of his hands all by themselves.

3+ months- now he's cooing and talking all while holding those cute chubby fingers of his. BTW those are my dads harry legs not mine, just in case you were wondering.

Ahh and here's a more recent pic. of our little man. Now that we've caught on to his little buddies we've been able to catch him more often so this is another 31/2 month shot of him and his hands.

Some fun facts about Memphis' filangies:

- They like to steal Memphis' pacifier out of his mouth, wait until he cries and then poke him in the eye with it until they get the pacifier back in his mouth. Naughty hands!
-In pursuit of trying to accomplish the above task they occasionally whack Memphis in the face trying to get to the pacifier. He of course still cries even though it's self inflicted.
-When he's really hungry and moms chasing after boy #1 they will temporarily sooth his hunger pains.
-And last but not least they always sooth him to sleep.

I try and make sure that he has them touching each other, in his crib, so that he will wake-up less often at night. The hand thing is definitely out of control but it's one of the things that just cracks us up about Memphis at this stage. You've gotta love 4 month olds.


Cydidona said...

Oh this was just too funny! You have a flair for writing about fingers! I think this should be entered in some Mommy's Magazine. You have a gift for writing. Especially when its about my favorite subjects....my grandsons.

Mama D

A Boy and 3 Girls said...

Memphis is a cutie! Love the hand thing. It's so cool you've been able to get pics since he was such a newbie holding them! To cute!