Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Painted Bread + Merrick

I finally got Merrick interested in eating bread. I saw this great art project with food on Maries Makes and Takes blog where she food colored milk and let her kids paint the bread then toasted it and then put some butter on it. Totally cute and so easy to do in the mornings when your getting breakfast ready for the fam.

The first time we did it we used like half the loaf of bread so everybody ate painted bread that day.

The second time we did it was while I was making oatmeal for breakfast and you know how oatmeal takes time so we practiced our colors with the food colored milk and Merrick totally knows his colors now, yeah, so proud.

We made Sean breakfast in bed with the bread, scrambled eggs and juice. Merrick got to take it to him so it was pretty cute. I need to remember to do things like breakfast in bed more often, it just brings a warm feeling into our home when we do things for the heck of it.

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A Boy and 3 Girls said...

Wow! Can you please impress us with another creative idea... Patty Stewart. I love that he has learned his colors through exploration! Keep up the good work! This is why your the best SAHM!!!!