Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Memphis' Blessing

We blessed Memphis on Sunday, July 6th in our Merced Ward. He cried a little but the blessing Sean gave him was so beautiful I don't think anyone noticed. We love Memphis so much and in the end there's only ONE thing that really matters in this life and that is that he return to Heavenly Father and to us as an eternal family. That is the only thing that matters and Sean blessed him with characteristics to fulfill that sole desire. We are too blessed sometimes and in this case it's the simple possession of a priesthood holder in our home and in our family. Thank you, honey, for always being worthy of this gift.

Both of our families came to enjoy the blessing.

Sean's family, minus Fawn (WE MISS YOU FAWN AND WE WISH YOU WERE HERE).


DAVID & ELISSA said...

Awww were missing out on all the excitement! Memphis is going to be so big by the time I see him. And merrick is soooo adorable! I miss that little guy! Richard and Joyce are coming to Hawaii tomorrow to stay the week here. We are looking forward to that. We have been here for almost 7 months! Insane! Time has gone by so fast! We miss you all! Tell everyone hi! And give Merrick and Memphis a huge hug from me! Don't let Merrick forget me! =)
I will call you!

jenibug said...

Congrats! What a beautiful family!

A Boy and 3 Girls said...

It's so nice both sides of the family were there! Memphis looks so big!